Is Your Engineering Firm's Technology Fully Protected Against Loss of Data, Security Breaches, and Downtime?

This Free 20-Minute Webinar Will Show You Ways Other Engineering Firms are Taking Action to Prevent Downtime and Protect One of Their Company's Most Critical Assets: Their Technology.

You Will Learn:

The differences between types of backups and which approach is best for large data needs of engineering firms.
FAQs about IT security and why small to medium sized businesses are the most vulnerable to attacks.
How to calculate the financial impact of IT downtime and strategies to reduce downtime.
What does it cost and how to properly plan IT budgeting?

“We have peace of mind that our engineering firm’s technology is protected”

Torapath Technologies has been managing our IT for many years. They have a sound approach to technology and are able to explain things in simple terms. As an Engineering and Land Surveying firm, our company’s data is the most important asset we have.  The 3D Scanning technology our survey department uses in particular is a big contributor to the large amount of data our company must maintain.  Torapath Technologies developed a custom backup and disaster recovery plan to minimize downtime if there is a failure. They have also explained the importance of IT security and put technology in place to provide protection of our data. We greatly appreciate the service and expert advice they provide because it allows us to focus on running our business instead of worrying about technology issues.

Karla E. Weston, PE
Civil Design & Construction, Inc.

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