Communication and collaboration services are very similar. Without communication there can be no collaboration. Systems such as email, phone systems, and file sharing are often taken for granted because most of the time they function without any trouble or configuration. Whenever they go down, you then realize how vital these systems are to your business. The longer these systems stay down, the more impactful it becomes.

These services not only provide a foundation for your internal processes, but also are a way of presenting yourself to the public. The way you communicate with your customers can help define what time of business they are doing business with.


Most businesses have at least some policies and procedures that are heavily dependent on your email system. Between scheduling meetings, requesting information, or sending receipts and invoices having access to your emails is very important. Not all email systems are identical and choosing the one with the features you require greatly improves your ability to communicate and collaborate. Having the ability to share calendars and contacts, create group mailboxes, and having your emails archived and encrypted can help streamline your communications. We can help you plan and personalize your email structure.


Regardless if you use traditional analog phone lines, VoIP phone systems, or a hybrid system your phone system is usually the first way people try and contact you. Having your phone system down can be the difference in closing a new deal or losing it to your competition. Features such as cell phone forwarding, having your voicemails sent to email, and call flow rules help ensure you never miss an important call. Our team is experienced in a wide variety of systems such as hardware, software, and UCC.


The ability to share files both internally and externally reduces the time spent having to deliver the file manually. With the increased popularity of file sharing services, it is important to choose one that offers both ease of access and security options. Having the ability to encrypt your documents, selectively share your documents, and revoke access to previously shared items is essential. With many different solutions available, we can help determine the best fit for your sharing needs.

Without communication there can be no collaboration.

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