Unfortunately, there will be a time when some unforeseen circumstance will cause you to lose your data. Whether the cause is someone accidentally deleting files, a hardware failure, equipment theft, or a natural disaster striking, it is vital to have a backup of this data.

We will outline and explain all the available options and devise a solution to best suit your individual needs. We will work with you to determine which systems and data are critical to operating your business, your maximum down-time allowance for critical and noncritical data, and your continuity of business needs.

Our multilayered backup strategy guarantees no matter what situation you find yourself facing, your data is protected.


All servers should be backed up using an image based system. While file level backups are sufficient for standard data recovery (such as Word, Excel, Quickbooks, and Adobe documents), they are not effective for recovering databases (such as Active Directory and SQL). By using and image based backup solution, you not only recover all your data, but you also save time by not having to reinstall any software or recreate any configurations. This reduces the recovery time by days or even weeks.


All your data should be stored in multiple physical locations. Having both your systems and your backups in the same location is inviting a disaster that can cripple your business. While the chances of having a fire, flood, tornado, theft, etc. that disables both your systems and your backups is remote, why take the chance? Having your backups replicating offsite can be the difference between an easy recovery and entirely losing your business.


While having your backups offsite protects your business from major disasters, having local backups can greatly increase the recovery time for the more common situations such as accidental deletions and hardware failures. Recovering from a local device can be up to 100 times faster than having to recover your data from an offsite location.


Having a multilayered backup solution helps ensure your business has the best chance of avoiding major downtime. With the right plan in place, you can have your business quickly operational even under the most difficult circumstances.

So the question we ask our clients: what would it mean for your business if you lost all of your files?

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