IT outsourcing proves to be a cost-effective way of managing your organization’s IT environment. With our managed services, you are hiring an entire team with decades of experience to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Our expertise allows you to save time and money by trusting our team to make the right decisions involving your technology future.

When you choose to partner with Torapath Technologies, you gain the benefits of:

Client Advisor

The Client Advisor acts as a liaison between your company and ours. They meet regularly with you to ensure all your needs are being met, as well as develop a plan for your short and long term needs.

Senior Systems Administrator

Our Senior Administrators have years of experience in a large variety of infrastructures. They are responsible for implementing and maintaining the solutions that correlate with your business goals.

Project Team

The Project Team reviews all projects for every client. This makes sure the solution discussed will not only suit the immediate needs, but also allows for projected long-term growth.

Service Desk

Our Service Desk is ready to take your call. They provide the first line of support and can resolve most issues quickly so you can get back to your work.

Executive Meetings

Regularly meetings with the decision makers inside your company enables us to properly accommodate your organization’s future growth. Discussing and planning changes to your IT environment allows for a smooth and seamless integration.


Because your business needs are unique, we customize every solution to suit your environment. . We will work with you to develop your own personal package that will encompass all the services you will need to enhance your company’s operations. Our variety of service packages allows you to choose which of our offerings that best meet your needs. To learn more about our packages and different options, give us a call and schedule a meeting with one of our Client Advisors so we can begin building your custom IT road map.


Customer Service is our number one priority. We are dedicated to providing the best experience possible with our partnerships. With a focus on Response Time, Resolution Time,  Professionalism and Technical Ability, our team consistently receives 5 star ratings from our clients.

We believe IT outsourcing should grow with your business, foster productivity, and make working easier.

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