Just like any other aspect of your business, your IT infrastructure requires regular maintenance to keep it running optimally. Whether it is installing software patches, replacing outdated equipment, or detecting repeating problems, neglecting these tasks can lead to bigger problems down the road. Our goal is to detect and address these issues before they cause a loss in productivity.

Our monitoring package covers a wide range of areas and will alert us automatically in the case of server downtime, low free space, high CPU/RAM usage, virus infections, raid failures, and many more!

By monitoring the overall health of your environment, we can easily identify and plan out the proper maintenance to keep your systems running optimally. Additionally, we can provide monthly reports on all the work done in the background and the current status of all your equipment.


Servers are the work horses of your IT infrastructure. Whether they are managing your users and computers, setting your security policies, hosting your databases, managing your business data, or providing remote access, any downtime or performance problems can seriously hurt your business. Our team receives automatic notifications and can start identifying the problem immediately to get your systems back online.


If your CPU, RAM, or hard drive is nearing capacity, this could be a sign of a bigger problem. Whether it is due to a virus, over-strained systems, or failing hardware, it is important to address the issue immediately before the system crashes. For most businesses, losing access to a workstation is equivalent to being understaffed.


By leveraging our maintenance package, we automatically apply missing updates and patches to most common operating systems and software when you are not using your device. We work with you to determine the best day and time to perform these tasks so that there is no interruption to your operations.


We provide a summary of everything that was done each month. These reports include everything from which patches were applied to which systems, what viruses were detected and removed successfully, all remote sessions by our technicians, and the current health of every device. Additionally, we let you know when devices are getting near their end of life so you can start budgeting to have them replaced with a new and better system.

Our goal is to detect and address these issues before they cause a loss in productivity.

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