Taking the time and money to fully invest in your IT infrastructure can drastically increase your productivity and result in a larger ROI for your business. Whether it’s making sure your hardware is suitable for your operations, providing high availability to your systems, or empowering your employees with the tools they need, having the correct plan can make your business function at optimal capacity.

We take the time to sit down and fully understand your needs so we can present the best IT solution for your business. We also make sure the solution will last for the foreseeable future so you are not constantly having to spend capital replacing the same device. We only recommend solutions that compose of professional-grade equipment that come with three to five year warranties.

Proper solutions and planning can not only save you a lot of money in the long run, but also reduce the number of headaches your IT infrastructure can cause you. By combining this with our other services, you will be able to focus on your business growth instead of spending time fixing problems.


Whether it’s a new server, new workstation, or new firewall, having to constantly purchase devices can drain your business finances. By taking the time to evaluate all your current software needs, as well as planning for future software integrations, we make sure each device runs at optimal performance. Because technology is constantly improving, we make sure each device is suitable for many years.


Opening a new location, moving to another site, or implementing a new software solution is something every business will face at some point. However, the exact requirements of these tasks are unique to your business. By properly understanding your current infrastructure and predicting how these changes will affect your business, we can provide as seamless a transition as possible. We accomplish this by having all sections of our team (Client Advisor, System Administrator, Project Team, and Service Desk) working together throughout the entire project.


Choosing the right equipment can be extremely confusing if you do not understand the differences between what’s “under the hood” of each device. Two devices may sound like the same thing and yet the cost is drastically different. Understanding the specifics of what encompasses servers, firewalls, and workstations is what enables us to deliver the best performing equipment for your needs.


Unfortunately even the best equipment will sometimes suffer a malfunction or failure. Having a proper warranty plan means the device can be fixed or replaced as quick as possible to minimize your downtime. Not all warranties are the same and understanding the difference between a technician coming to your business and having to send the device to a repair shop is vital to shave days or even weeks of unproductivity. Each device we sell and recommend comes with one to five year warranties with next business day support.

Failing to plan, is planning to fail. – Alan Lakein

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