Torapath Technologies Featured in the Baton Rouge Business Report’s “Top 100 Private Companies” Issue

Torapath Technologies is excited to be featured in the popular “Top 100” issue of the Baton Rouge Business Report.

The article highlights design trends in the workplace that promote employee productivity. Combined with competitive employee compensation, our goal is to attract and retain great talent, which results in a high level of service to our clients.

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Written by Maggie Heyn Richardson of Baton Rouge Business Report

Natural light and ‘palatte of place’ are driving modern office designs in Baton Rouge

After several years of steady growth, Baton Rouge-based Torapath Technologies found itself in need of a larger office. The company, which provides managed IT services [and Online Presence services] for small and medium-sized businesses, first launched in the now-closed shared workspace, EHQ, and later moved into a 1,000-square-foot office suite on Bluebonnet Boulevard.

Co-owner Amy DeJean says the space worked temporarily, but as the company’s volume grew, it had become cramped and inefficient. The office offered no privacy for employees who needed to think and concentrate, and it delivered little natural light.

DeJean and her business partner, Ben Marcel, started looking for a new office in earnest last fall. They opted to buy rather than rent, and closed on a 3,000-square-foot building off of South Sherwood Forest Boulevard in February.

“As a technology company, we have a lot of young staff and we really wanted to make sure our office was the kind of place where people wanted to be,” says DeJean. “Since we started the company, we’d worked really hard to make sure we had the right things in place to attract staff, including good pay and benefits and other best practices. Having a great office was the last piece to the puzzle.”

While it required interior updates and minor renovations, the office had exactly what DeJean and Marcel were looking for: Natural light throughout, private offices for almost every team member, meeting space for clients and collaborated spaces where staff could meet, relax and exchange ideas.

They outfitted the space with cool grays and earth tones, and they hung oversized televisions on the walls of the kitchen and conference room for both work and play. They installed adjustable-height desks with dry erase surfaces, and they’re planning to create an outdoor patio behind the building where staff can meet or socialize after hours.

Indeed as millennials have entered the workforce, office design has been recognized by more employers as a key component in retention. But the hip workplace trends that Google made famous, including wide-open floorplans, unassigned workstations for nomadic workers and games like foosball and table tennis, are now eclipsed by other priorities, say designers. The biggest current trends in office design including capturing as much natural light as possible and giving employees choices within the office for where, and how they work.